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Panasil (2017 Preferred Product)

Rating: 5

Company: Kettenbach LP
Phone: 877.532.2123 • 714.892.9820
Company URL:
Consultant's Comments:
  • “I like the viscosity of the light body--little to no voids, bubbles or drags.”
  • “The heavy-bodied material extruded easily compared with most heavy-bodied materials. The light- and heavy-bodied materials always blended together seamlessly and the heavy-bodied material provided excellent detail without drag.”
  • “Easy to use, fast setting, good color contrast and good flow.”
  • “The setting times seemed to be slower than indicated in the instructions.”
  • “Put light and x-light materials in small syringes.”
Panasil is a line of addition-curing silicones (VPS) impression materials with hydrophilic properties. A variety of six viscosities and two set times exists. Panasil can be used for one- or two-step crown-and-bridge impression techniques as well as denture and reline impressions. Three viscosities of the fast-set material were evaluated: Panasil tray fast and Panasil initial contact light fast and x-light fast. Panasil tray fast is a heavy-bodied material for use in the tray and for functional impressions. Panasil initial contact fast is a syringeable impression material for capturing fine detail around prepared teeth and soft tissue. Panasil initial contact fast has a working time of one minute with an intraoral setting time of two minutes; total setting time is three minutes. Panasil initial contact light fast is available in 50-ml automix cartridges. Panasil tray fast is also available in cartridge and foil bags for use in an automatic mixer. Each box contains two 50 ml cartridges of material with 6 or 12 mixing tips. Panasil was used by 21 consultants in 325 cases. Panasil received a 96% clinical rating. Clinical Observations

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