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NOVAPRO Fill Universal

Rating: 4.5

Company: Nanova Biomaterials
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NOVAPRO Fill Universal is a radiopaque, nanofiber-reinforced, nano-hybrid universal composite. It offers flexural and compressive strengths of 160 MPa and 400 MPA, respectively, and low water sorption. The cure time with halogen or LED light (minimum 400 mW/cm2) is 20 seconds, and the composite can be cured in 2 mm increments. NOVAPRO Fill Universal is an esthetic restorative material with a chameleon effect, high gloss and stain resistance. It is available in 4 g syringes and 0.2 g compules, with a choice of 24 shades including standard Vita shades, OA shades 2/3/3.5, OB shades 2/3, and incisal, white, extra white, and bleach white. NOVAPRO Fill Universal can be kept at room temperature for two years, and refrigeration further prolongs its shelf life. Indications
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