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Venus Pearl with iBond Total Etch and iBond Self Etch (1 yr)

Rating: 5

Company: KULZER
Phone: 800.431.1785
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Consultant's Comments:
  • “Fillings blend perfectly.”
  • “Versatile composite - works everywhere in the mouth.”
  • “Reliable restorative material.”
  • “Holds its polish.”
Venus Pearl is a universal, nano-hybrid composite based on the chemistry of Venus Diamond but with a creamier consistency. Venus Pearl is suitable for all classes of anterior and posterior restorations and is designed to produce a durable, highly esthetic result with a long-lasting, high luster polish. Venus Pearl is available in both syringe and unit dose (PLT) delivery in 27 shades. iBOND Total Etch is a light-cured adhesive used in conjunction with phosphoric acid etchant. It contains nanofillers in an ethanol solvent and can be applied as one coat. iBOND Self Etch is a light-cured, self-etching, one-component bonding agent. Light curing time for both adhesives is 20 seconds. iBOND is available in both 4 mL bottles and single-dose delivery. Purpose
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