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G 7881 Dental Disinfector

Rating: 4.5

Company: Miele Professional
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Consultant's Comments:
  • I like that it holds a lot of cassettes and that there is space for individual instruments as well. Works well for washing, rinsing and drying.
  • I like how shiny and clean the instruments and cassettes look after the cycle.
  • This is so much better than dealing with dirty ultrasonic water.
  • Lesser quality instruments rust.
  • I would love a Clean/Dirty indicator on the outside of the unit.
Dental Advisor - Editor's Choice The G 7881 Dental Disinfector is a stainless steel, large capacity washer-disinfector with short program durations for processing instruments in a dental office. It is the only instrument cleaning system that also provides high level disinfection. The unit features Multitronic Novo Med 45 controls with five standard cleaning and disinfecting programs, a four-fold filter system, double-skinned construction with insulation for low noise emissions, a flow meter for control of water intake, an electric door lock, program failure check, visual and audible signals for end of program and two spare sensors for temperature monitoring and control. Water quality is essential to the proper function of G 7881 Dental Disinfector (see box). The user may select a wash cycle with or without disinfection and optional drying. Disinfection occurs when the water is held at 200°F (93°C) for 10 minutes. The unit may be permanently installed under the counter like a dishwasher, or it can be free standing or slid into a 24” space. Special detergents, a neutralizer and rinse aid, tested for use in the machine, are required. The liquid detergent and neutralizer are dispensed automatically into the washer via tubing to bulk packages of the products. The G 7881 Dental Disinfector is designed for large loads and holds numerous instrument cassettes. Loose instrument baskets are also available.  The G 7881 Dental Disinfector was evaluated by nine consultants during an eight-month period. It received a 91% clinical rating.
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