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Sponsor: DMG America
Released: 5/10/17
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DMG America introduces Icon, a revolutionary treatment that uses micro-invasive technology to fill and reinforce demineralized enamel without drilling or anesthesia. Icon eliminates the "wait and see" approach and enables immediate treatment of incipient lesions.

Clinical Tips 

Dr. Radz on LuxaCore-Z, LuxaBond and LuxaPost (02:45)
Sponsor: DMG America
Presenter: Dr. Gary Radz
Released: 2/2/18
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Dr. Gary Radz discusses creating a Monoblock System using LuxaCore® Z-Dual, LuxaBond® Total Etch, and LuxaPost®.

Dr. Mechanic on Luxatemp and LuxaGlaze (05:04)
Sponsor: DMG America
Presenter: Elliot Mechanic, BSc, DDS
Released: 10/6/17
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Dr. Elliot Mechanic discusses the benefits and use of Luxatemp® Fluorescence, a bisacrylic composite resin, and LuxaGlaze® Light-Cured Varnish for finishing the temporization.

Dr. Cohn on Icon (03:12)
Sponsor: DMG America
Presenter: Dr. Carla Cohn
Released: 6/6/17
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Dr. Carla Cohn discusses the three basic steps in using DMG Icon® for the micro-invasive treatment of smooth surface and proximal caries lesions.

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