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    Dr. Ron Kaminer and Mr. Gregor Connell
    8/10/22 7:00 PM ET
    1 Live, Interactive CEU
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    Dental material manufacturers tend to promote their respective materials using combinations of literature and various studies. Literature extols the physical properties of various materials, often using bar graph data to compare one competitor to another. The question is: what is the true importance of that “data” to “my dentistry?” This CE webinar will discuss the clinical significance of those bar graphs. Life behind bars will take the listener into the world of material design and testing and attempt to connect the data to where it matters - the clinical application of the material. Mr. Connell will speak to the testing parameters and value of the data presented, while Dr. Ron Kaminer will discuss the clinical implications of the data being discussed.
  • Featured This Week
    Dr. Marc Geissberger
    8/23/22 7:00 PM ET
    1 Live, Interactive CEU
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    Through this enlightening CE webinar, Dr. Geissberger will discuss strategies and materials that can greatly improve clinical outcomes in a patient population with uncontrolled caries. The importance of oral pH will be discussed and strategies for altering an unfavorable oral environment will be outlined. Particular attention will be given to preventative and restorative protocols that can be implemented in private practice. The use of glass ionomers will be discussed, emphasizing proper placement techniques.
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Long COVID: What the Dental Practitioner Needs to Know
Presenter: Amber Auger, RDH, MPH
CE Supporter: Sunstar
Mon  8/15/22    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Mon  8/15/22    11:00 PM UTC    Convert to your time zone »
CE Credits: 1 Live, Interactive CEU
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Size and Shape Matter in Operative Dentistry
Presenter: Dr. Martin Jablow
CE Supporter: Microcopy
Tue  8/16/22    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Tue  8/16/22    11:00 PM UTC    Convert to your time zone »
CE Credits: 1 Live, Interactive CEU
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This Looks Too Good to be Plastic
Presenter: Ms. Shannon Pace Brinker
CE Supporter: GC America
Wed  8/17/22    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Wed  8/17/22    11:00 PM UTC    Convert to your time zone »
CE Credits: 1 Live, Interactive CEU
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Applications for Single-Shade Composite Resins
Presenter: Dr. Robert Rosenfeld
CE Supporter: Tokuyama Dental America
Thu  8/18/22    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Thu  8/18/22    11:00 PM UTC    Convert to your time zone »
CE Credits: 1 Live, Interactive CEU
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On-Demand CE Webinars (Showing 3 Newest)

Everything That You Want to Know About the Use of Nitrous Oxide in the Practice of Dentistry
Presenter: Dr. Juan Yepes
CE Supporter: Air Techniques
Release Date: 8/11/22
Expiration Date: 8/11/25
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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Life Behind Bars: Breaking Out of Manufacturing Jargon and Back into the World of Clinical Relevancy
Presenter: Dr. Ron Kaminer and Mr. Gregor Connell
CE Supporter: VOCO America
Release Date: 8/10/22
Expiration Date: 8/10/25
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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Simplifying Isolation and Bonding Protocols for Indirect Restorations
Presenter: Dr. Devin McClintock
CE Supporter: Bisco
Release Date: 8/9/22
Expiration Date: 8/9/25
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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New! Dental Podcasts (Showing 3 Newest)

Episode: Dr. Gerard Kugel Talks About Tooth Whitening: In-Office, At-Home, or Both?
Supporter: Philips Oral Healthcare CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Dr. Gerard Kugel Release Date: 8/8/22

Episode: I Can Afford It - Secrets of Financial Arrangements that Get a "Yes!"
Supporter: Sunbit CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Steven J. Anderson Release Date: 8/1/22

Episode: Prevention-Centered Success: A Win for the Dental Team, the Patient and the Practice
Supporter: Centrix CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Dr. Jean Creasey Release Date: 7/25/22

Articles & Press Releases

Digitization in dental technology: Ivoclar's comprehensive digital workflows offer greater efficiency during fabrication
Released: 6/7/2022
As the dental industry continues to evolve, the future of dentistry is becoming increasingly digitized. Thanks to state-of-the-art digital workflows that combine scanning of impressions, fabrication planning, design, and automated production processes, many process steps are now becoming more commercially viable, heralding the transformation of dental laboratories and dental practices.
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Ivoclar Committed to Energy Sustainable Future
Released: 6/1/2022
Ivoclar Inc. North America announced a major investment in solar energy to power its Amherst, NY corporate headquarters, transitioning from fossil fuel dependent to renewable energy as part of the company’s continued global commitment to a safer, healthier environment. The nearly $1 million clean energy project started in 2020 and completed in December 2021 is projected to supply the 100,000-square-foot facility with 750 MWh of energy per year with any unused energy returned to the grid for the benefit of the community.
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DMG’s LuxaCore Z Dual Named DENTAL ADVISOR Preferred Product for 11th Time
Released: 4/7/2022
DMG’s LuxaCore Z Dual has been named 2022 DENTAL ADVISOR Preferred Product for the composite core material category for the 11th time, receiving a 98% overall clinical rating! The ratings are determined by a combination of clinical evaluation and lab testing.
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Septodont Announces a New Product Launch: BioRoot™ Flow – Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer
Released: 3/22/2022
Septodont, leading manufacturer of dental anesthetics, announces a new and exciting bioceramic root canal sealer - BioRoot™ Flow.
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