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Every hour another person dies of oral cancer. The question is, what are you doing to ensure that your patients do not become part of this horrific statistic? If you’re not already doing complete oral cancer screenings (including fluorescence visualization), now’s the time to change this.

Whether or not you’ve already discovered the benefits of warm composites and the difference they can make in your workflow, you’re going to want to read this. Using thermoviscous technology, VOCO has found a way to essentially give you two - a flowable composite and a sculptable composite - in one.

Tired of juggling and tracking multiple bottles of bonding agent, trying to avoid throwing out materials because they expire before you use them? The newer universal bonding agents let you streamline your bonding systems, reduce your inventory and save money - without sacrificing quality results.

Each year a host of new products are introduced that each claim to solve problems, streamline processes and provide excellent results for our patients. How can you know if a given product actually lives up to its claims?