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Aerosols in Dentistry
The Continuing Story of Respiratory Protection
Studies show that operating room personnel are struck in the face by fluids 45 to 51% of the time. These numbers are significantly higher in dentistry. Ideal for your entire dental team, this eBook highlights the prevalence and significance of aerosols in dentistry and the latest information on respiratory protection.
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Increasing Positive Outcomes With Milled Restorative Techniques
A New Generation of Restorative Dentistry
This eBook provides an overview of the "direct vs. indirect" decision. Whether you're doing your own milling with a tabletop milling machine or scanning and sending the order off to the lab, today's milled restorations represent a new generation of restorative dentistry.
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Using 3D Printing Technology in General Dentistry
Why Incorporate 3D Printing into Your Practice?
This eBook provides an overview of the 3D resin printing process and introduces you to three of the most compelling uses for this in your practice: models, adult aligner orthodontics, and guides for implant therapy. The end result - better processes and better dentistry.
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Using Zirconia For Durable & Aesthetic Restorations
A New Level of Aesthetics
The use of zirconia has been revolutionary and has proven to be a durable, versatile restorative material when proper preparation and cementation techniques are used. This exclusive eBook addresses best practices related to zirconia and how proper chairside and laboratory protocol will help you achieve predictable long-term clinical success.
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Controlling Aerosols in the Dental Operatory
A Primary Concern During COVID-19
Proper utilization of PPE can be a daunting task for the dental team. In addition, limiting or controlling aerosols is of primary concern – so choosing the right air collection or air purification system is critical for maintaining a healthy dental environment. To help answer many of your questions, we are offering this exclusive eBook filled with practical and timely information, "Controlling Aerosols in the Dental Operatory."
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Marketing Your Infection Control Protocol During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Why it's important to your practice.
As we return to our practices, it is paramount that our patients feel safe and are protected from COVID-19. We not only need to implement infection control protocol that follows CDC guidelines, but we also need to instill confidence by properly communicating and marketing our efforts to our patients. To help you do this, at no charge, we are offering this exclusive eBook filled with practical and timely information, "Marketing Your Infection Control Protocol During COVID-19."
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