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Engaging millennial patients: How dental practices can market to the new generation
Released: 12/30/2017
Millennials make up a huge percentage of the US population. By attracting this audience to their dental practices, dentists will develop a long-term patient base. Think digitally.
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Systems for Working Well with Your Lab
Released: 1/20/2018
In most offices, indirect restorative dentistry is performed multiple times each day, and somewhere between 20% to100% of the prostheses are fabricated at a dental laboratory. Creating a smooth, reliable working relationship with your laboratory is an essential ingredient to increasing not only quality, but efficiency and productivity as well.
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Signs, Symptoms and Management of Local Anesthetic Allergies
Released: 1/22/2018
Following the administration of a local anesthetic, a minority of patients may suffer one of a range of unwanted symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be mistaken for hypersensitivity or allergy and the patient unnecessarily told they are allergic to the anesthetic.
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5 Ways to Encourage Your Loyal Patients to Attract Others Like Them
Released: 1/20/2018
We all know how much of a challenge it is to attract new patients to your practice. One of the most effective — and least expensive — ways to do so is to let your existing patients do the work for you.
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