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    Dr. Joshua Austin
    3/5/24 7:00 PM ET
    1 Live, Interactive CEU
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    With the advent of resin composites, we have seen generations of materials that left something to be desired in either their strength or esthetics. The resin composites of the 2020’s are better than ever. This CE webinar will investigate new improvements in properties like polymerization shrinkage, flexural strength, polishability and filler percentage. In addition, we will explore the advantages of using universal adhesives for today’s direct restorations.
  • Featured This Week
    Dr. Julie Woods
    0.25 CEU, Self-Study
    So what do we mean by profit over production or even profit first. Doesn't this go against everything we're about as healthcare providers. Well, maybe not. Because working really hard and having little left over at the end of the week is not a sustainable situation nor is it good for your practice, employees or your patients. So lets talk with Dr. Julie Woods.
  • Featured This Week
    Dr. Brian Novy
    2/27/24 7:00 PM ET
    1 Live, Interactive CEU
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    Remineralization used to be as simple as "put some fluoride on it!" But is the array of products available today claiming “remineralization” pushing the limits of oral healthcare? In a clinical world of dry mouth and acidic beverages, perhaps we’re putting too much faith in an antiquated understanding of what happens on the surface of a tooth.
  • Featured This Week
    Dr. Todd Snyder
    2/29/24 7:00 PM ET
    1 Live, Interactive CEU
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    There are a lot of different adhesives, ceramic conditioners, and cements available which can create confusion as to what to use and when. This CE webinar was created to discuss the differences that should be considered when selecting indirect restorative cements and the steps to take when using different types of restorative materials to help avoid costly mistakes.
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I Can’t Take All This Science!
Presenter: Dr. Brian Novy
CE Supporter: GC America
Tue  2/27/24    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Wed  2/28/24    0:00 AM UTC    Convert to your time zone »
CE Credits: 1 Live, Interactive CEU
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Ceramics and Zirconia: Enhancing Adhesion
Presenter: Dr. Todd Snyder
CE Supporter: Bisco
Thu  2/29/24    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Fri  3/1/24    0:00 AM UTC    Convert to your time zone »
CE Credits: 1 Live, Interactive CEU
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On-Demand CE Webinars (Showing 3 Newest)

2024 is the Year for 3D Printing: Convenience for your Patients, Profitability for Your Practice
Presenter: Dr. Susan McMahon
CE Supporter: VOCO America
Release Date: 2/16/24
Expiration Date: 2/16/27
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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Anterior Composite Artistry
Presenter: Dr. Melissa Seibert
CE Supporter: DMG America
Release Date: 2/14/24
Expiration Date: 2/14/27
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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Learning From Our Mistakes 7 – Webinar Series
Presenter: Dr. Frank Milnar
CE Supporter: Shofu Dental
Release Date: 2/9/24
Expiration Date: 2/9/27
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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New! Dental Podcasts (Showing 3 Newest)

Episode 540: The Art of High Case Acceptance
Supporter: Viva Learning Originals CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Ella Mullokandova, RDH, BSDH Release Date: 2/21/24

Episode 539: Busting the Myth that More Production Guarantees Success
Supporter: Viva Learning Originals CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Dr. Julie Woods Release Date: 2/19/24

Episode 538: Where to Begin: The Technology You Need to Begin Your Digital Journey
Supporter: Viva Learning Originals CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Dr. Anthony Mennito Release Date: 2/14/24

Articles & Press Releases

Air Techniques Announces the Newest All-Star at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting
Released: 2/20/2024
Air Techniques, Inc., a leading innovator, and manufacturer of dental equipment, will be introducing their next all-star, FlowStar Nitrous Flowmeters and Components. The new FlowStar Touch and Analog will be displayed at the Air Techniques booth, #1425, and attendees will get an up-close look at these next-level nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation innovations. Attendees will also be eligible for free Garrett Popcorn, a Chicago staple, after receiving a demo of VisionX Imaging Software.
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Centrix Announces the Release of Silversense SDF, 38% Silver Diamine Fluoride!
Released: 1/18/2024
SilverSense SDF is a blue-tinted 38% silver diamine fluoride solution that is FDA cleared as a professional-use tooth desensitizer. Silver diamine fluoride has been used internationally for decades due to its antimicrobial and desensitizing properties. As a desensitizer, SilverSense SDF forms insoluble precipitates with calcium or phosphate in the dentinal tubules to block nerve impulses. SilverSense SDF will become a standard part of your preventive-restorative armamentarium as it alleviates hypersensitivity and allows your patient to comfortably wait for restorative treatment.
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The Shils Entrepreneurial Fund Announces “The Great Oral Health Pitch: Innovate, Elevate and Generate Your Idea to Advance Oral Health!”
Released: 11/1/2023
Entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their ideas for the opportunity to win a sponsorship package worth more than $50,000 to launch their business. The Great Oral Health Pitch invites dental and oral health entrepreneurs to pitch their innovative business ideas at the Greater New York Dental Meeting on November 26, 2023 between 1pm – 5pm for their chance to win a grand prize worth more than $50,000 in business launch marketing, cash, networking opportunities and more!
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DMG to Launch Ecosite Elements Universal Composite
Released: 10/27/2023
DMG will formally unveil its new Ecosite Elements nanohybrid universal composite shade system at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, November 26-29, 2023. It will be available for dental professionals to purchase beginning November 1st, 2023. The company’s latest breakthrough can be used to master composite restorations, especially esthetically challenging cases.
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