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The Full Arch Solution for Underserved Patient Communities

Presenter: Dr. Anthony Deliberato and BJ Kowalski Release Date: 6/3/24
Credits:  1 CEU   Expiration Date: 6/3/27
AGD Subject Code: 670
CE Supporter: ROE Dental Lab

Despite the growing need for full-arch dental treatments, less than 1% of eligible patients receive the care they require each year. The primary obstacle preventing patients from accessing these treatments is the high cost associated with them. In the past, efforts to make full-arch treatments more accessible to patients have involved reducing reliance on advanced technology and using less expensive, lower-quality materials. However, a groundbreaking approach that combines one of the strongest denture materials on the market, the leading stackable guide system, and a brand new fixed locator. This innovative hybrid solution leverages the most advanced dental surgical technology and one of the strongest denture materials on the market. This CE webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of both the laboratory and clinical aspects of a patient's case. Throughout the webinar, participants will gain insights into the clinical and surgical advantages of this cutting-edge hybrid approach to full-arch dental treatment.

Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will be able to:
• Gain an understanding of the scientific research and evidence supporting the patented technologies employed in this innovative hybrid approach
• Recognize the synergistic benefits of integrating material science, patented stackable guide technology, and a new fixed locator protocol into a single, comprehensive solution
• Become familiar with the fixed locator concept and its role in the hybrid full-arch treatment approach
• Explore the various treatment options available for edentulous arches and understand their indications and limitations
• Examine clinical cases that showcase both the clinical and laboratory steps involved in fabricating a prothesis appropriate for a fixed locator protocol
• Understand the process and benefits of immediately loading a "Locator Fixed Prosthesis" through a detailed case presentation
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