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G-aenial A'CHORD

Rating: 4.5

Company: GC America, Inc
Phone: 800.323.7063 - 708.597.0900
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Consultant's Comments:
  • “I redid anterior bonding on a bride to be and she said she couldn’t tell that it was even filling material.”
  • “Creates invisible restorations.”
  • “Excellent composite that should be in every dentist’s restorative tool kit.”
  • “Excellent handling with predictable shade matching and esthetics.”
  • “I really liked the handling and sculptability of the composite. It was firm yet very pliable and could spread it with a light brush like stroke.”
  • “In anterior situations where I would otherwise have to layer different shades, G-aenial A’CHORD blended closely.”
  • “I felt like this was a firm material.”
G-aenial A'CHORD is a simplified unishade universal composite: Five core shades to cover the spectrum of the 16 classic Vita shades. Unique filler technology that mimics natural light reflection. Non-sticky Bis-MEPP monomer and optimized filler-monomer combination to improve handling. Uniform nanofiller distribution and high filler load for exceptional polishing. Offer an extended portfolio of cervical, opaque, enamel, and bleach shades to further customize the esthetics. Clinical Tip
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