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Let's Get Physical! Why Chemistry in Crown and Bridge is More Important than Ever
Presenter: Dr. Ron Kaminer
CE Supporter: GC America
Release Date: 10/28/20
Expiration Date: 10/28/23
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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Our goal in fixed prosthetics should be strong, aesthetic restorations that will last our patients years. Over the past few years new materials have entered the market compelling us to make changes in the way we prepare, buildup, impression, and cement fixed restorations. In this CE webinar, join us as we review the chemistry of why these materials work and show their use clinically in routine crown and bridge procedures. The goal is to leave this CE webinar thinking "is the new better than the old."

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Overdenture Attachments: Clarity of Choice
Presenter: Gene Peterson, CDT
CE Supporter: Sterngold
Release Date: 5/6/21
Expiration Date: 5/6/24
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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There are many choices when restoring your patient with an overdenture solution and selecting the correct attachment combination for that overdenture. This CE webinar will help bring understanding of overdenture attachments and clarity to your decision in providing the best treatment for your patient.

Retain It: Maxillary Arch - Clinical Guidelines for Implant Overdenture Treatment Options
Presenter: Dr. Matthew Hallas
CE Supporter: Sterngold
Release Date: 4/22/21
Expiration Date: 4/22/24
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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With the ever-changing face of dentistry, the standard of care for the replacement of missing teeth involves the use of dental implants. Restoration of the maxillary edentulous patient with implants is often more challenging than the mandibular arch due to anatomic, biomechanical, and esthetic considerations. Integrating implants into your practice is essential to staying up to date with the latest treatment options for patients. This CE webinar will provide the clinician with a framework to begin the successful integration of maxillary overdenture treatment options into your practice from a prosthodontic, practical and functional perspective.

Retain It: Solutions for Achieving Surgical & Restorative Success in the Edentulous Mandible
Presenter: Dr. Matthew Hallas
CE Supporter: Sterngold
Release Date: 9/29/20
Expiration Date: 9/29/23
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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This CE webinar will combine multiple surgical and prosthodontic procedures to help enhance the participant's knowledge in both the surgical and restorative aspects of implant overdenture therapy. The Retain It webinar series will focus on evaluation, classification, and treatment guidelines specific to a mandibular implant overdenture. This CE webinar will include diagnosis and treatment planning with a focus on dental implant and restorative attachment design, selection, and application.

Mini Dental Implants - A Viable Option for Your Complete Lower Denture Patients
Presenter: Dr. Ian Erwood
CE Supporter: Sterngold
Release Date: 7/8/20
Expiration Date: 7/8/23
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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The Complete Lower Denture (CLD) is one of the most difficult procedures to achieve adequate results, with nine out of ten CLD patients reporting dissatisfaction with the fit, retention, comfort and mastication with this removable prosthesis. With the advent of Regular Diameter Endosseous Dental Implants, some of these challenges have been overcome. However, a large segment of this population may not be able to undergo these procedures (due to anatomy, health, time, financial, etc.) Stabilization of a CLD with Mini Dental Implants represents a viable option to discuss with your CLD patients.

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