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Predictably Managing the Maxilla with Dental Implants
Presenter: Dr. Robert D'Orazio
CE Supporter: Biotech Dental
Release Date: 1/26/24
Expiration Date: 1/26/27
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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The Maxilla presents with 3 common limitations for obtaining implant integration, namely the premaxillary anatomy, soft bone and the maxillary sinus. The goal of this CE webinar is to provide the implant surgeon with a rationale for diagnostic analysis with accompanying surgical techniques that increase dental implant integration potential.

Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation: Start with Why
Presenter: Dr. Robert Reti
CE Supporter: Biotech Dental
Release Date: 12/5/23
Expiration Date: 12/5/26
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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This CE webinar is introductory to all-on-x rationale and treatment planning. A review of the implication of edentulism and medical decline will be discussed. The students will gain a basic understanding on the application for all-on-x surgical procedure, implant selection and abutment selection. The goal is to introduce students to the value of adding full arch implant rehabilitation in their practice.

The All-In-One Concept - One Stage Implant Placement and Immediate Temporization
Presenter: Dr. Lon McRae
CE Supporter: Biotech Dental
Release Date: 4/17/23
Expiration Date: 4/17/26
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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The majority of implants placed today are done in a 3 stage process from extraction to final seating of the restoration taking 8 months to a year. This CE webinar will focus on a new concept allowing the practitioner to plan and have everything available to be All-In-One with everything needed to extract a tooth, place an immediate implant and possibly place a final abutment with custom loaded temporary in one appointment. We will focus on the scientific concepts and preplanning to make this happen.

Predictable Implant Restoration from Socket Grafting through Implant Planning and Placement
Presenter: Dr. Robert Horowitz
CE Supporter: Biotech Dental
Release Date: 3/28/23
Expiration Date: 3/28/26
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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This CE webinar will take the participants through the steps required to facilitate predictable, profitable implant dentistry. Beginning with a tooth in place, the dentist/dental team must have a vision for maintaining or rebuilding the alveolar structure. Sufficient quantity, quality and location of bone and keratinized tissue are required to optimize function and form around dental implants and their associated restorations. This CE webinar will detail the steps involved in obtaining predictable implant-supported restorations.

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