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Saliva Check and MI Paste

Presenter: GC America Release Date: 8/15/07
Sponsor: GC America

GC America’s Saliva-Check is an innovative new analysis tool that helps detect possible problems with patients’ saliva, thus identifying those most susceptible to demineralization and caries. Saliva-Check evaluates 6 parameters of salivary health: Hydration, Salivary Consistency, Resting pH, Stimulated Salivary Flow, Stimulated pH, and Saliva Buffering Capacity.

GC America’s MI Paste is a clinically proven preventive tool that can help dentists treat those patients with saliva deficiencies. Topically administered to the teeth, MI Paste with Recaldent rejuvenates the oral environment by working with saliva to provide minerals, desensitize, and balance the oral pH to maximize the uptake of fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions by tooth enamel. Its formulation delivers bio-available calcium and phosphate directly to the tooth surface using Recaldent technology.   ( disclaimer )

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