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Power Tie: Incognito™ Appliance System Clinical Guide

Presenter: 3M Ortho Release Date: 11/17/11
Sponsor: 3M Ortho

Tools: Hemostat/Mosquito pliers, ligature director, short explorer
Ligature material: Four modules of RMO gray powerchain
When to use it: For angulation and torque control of the anterior teeth when using a ribbonwise archwire with a vertical insertion. The power tie can be used to correct torque and angulation problems with both full sized and under sized wires.
Technique: Remove old elastic and bring the last module of the four modules around the bracket body. It is not necessary to remove the wire to do this. Start to make a reverse double overtie and stretch the elastic as much as possible using a hemostat. Bring both parts of the open module around the side to which the tooth is tipped and go under the hook with both sides. When correcting a torque problem is does not matter which side of the tie wing you go around. Take the short probe and catch the first module. Place the tip of the probe on the occlusal tie wing. Slide the elastic behind the tie wing.   ( disclaimer )

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