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Reverse Double Overtie with Steel Ligature (German Overtie with Steel Ligature): Incognito™ Appliance System Clinical Guide

Presenter: 3M Ortho Release Date: 11/17/11
Sponsor: 3M Ortho

Tools: Needle nose hemostat and ligature director with a small head
Ligature material: Thin steel ligature 0.008” diameter and two inches in length
When to use it: Use this tie to prevent tipping when you are retracting canines or doing en-masse retraction. For maximum control, the wire needs to be guided close to the bracket body.
Technique: Make a u-shape under the hook on both sides of the bracket body going under the wire. Take one side, go over the wire and under the hook and close it on the opposite side by twisting. Push the sides of the steel ligature as close to the bracket body as possible and tighten to maximize the seating force.   ( disclaimer )

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